Reasons to invest in Letsfair

We are going to massify shared economy by creating hundreds of apps

We are going to decentralize work relations

We have created a complete digital reputation model

We are not making an ICO. Our investments model is more responsible than that

Letsfair Token

We created an ERC20 contract, in which the total of tokens will be gradually released throughout a 5-year period.

Token Symbol: LTF
Sale Model: NoICO
Contract: 0x411A81C8Cd604941be13dBBD33B54e6f25d84683
Contract Code: letsfair-token
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens
Release Period: 5 years (Jan 2018 – Jan 2023)

Release of Tokens

Token Distribution

At the end of the 5-years, this is how the distribution of tokens will have been performed:

  • 600 million tokens acquired by investors (through exchange or directly);
  • 150 million tokens from Letsfair’s fund reserve which will be negotiated, if necessary, after the 5-year period;
  • 250 million tokens for the team.

NoICO Investment Model

The Letsfair team has conceived a new concept to obtain investments, called NoICO. In summary, it is a way to make sure the value of the tokens is aligned with the company’s real value. Read the NoICO post.


Token Sale

To invest in Letsfair you must acquire LTF tokens. For now they are available in the decentralized exchange ForkDelta, and you can buy in the minimum quantity of 0.01 ETH. See the tutorial on how to buy them.



Letsfair’s revenue will be obtained through a small commission fee, around 0.2% of all payment transactions made within the platform. Since the purpose is to operate in various segments of the economy, it is expected to move a considerable amount of capital.

Dividends Distribution

After each revenue month of Letsfair, 50% of the profit obtained will be used to pay the dividends for token holders. The other half of the profit will be invested in Letsfair in order to expand its market. This means increasing revenue, profits, and consequently, the value of each token unit. At the appropriate time, we will release more details on how this process works.


  • Piece of Cake (MVP): Concept test which will be the guideline for the entire Letsfair software architecture. Learn more about Piece of Cake (MVP version)
  • Letsfair Apps: Letsfair will build five apps in order to establish its marketplace and to prove the concepts described in its whitepaper, enabling, in the future, the creation of apps by third-parties. This will provide the users the experience of having a decentralized identity; buying products and services; establishing a digital reputation; establishing connections with other users and offering services. The first app, in fact, will be an evolution of Piece of Cake so it can become a product and no longer be an MVP.
  • Letsfair SDK API: Offering a set of resources so that third-parties can create apps and integrate them into the Letsfair marketplace.
  • website: A full catalog with the aim of promoting the products and services that were registered in the apps that are part of the marketplace. The profiles of all Letsfair users will also be part of the website, with their reputation data.


Project Idea







5 Apps




Q1 2017

Q2 2017

November 2017

Q1 2018

Q2 2018

Q3 2018 - 2023

2019 - 2023

2019 - 2023

Development Methodology

In the traditional scenario, large companies build projects based on different management models. However, in innovative projects such as Letsfair, these management models are not as effective. For this reason, the development of Letsfair will follow the Lean Startup methodology, that aims to deliver value and avoid waste of any kind, advocating for early market testing.



  • Anselmo Zago
    Anselmo Zago Founder & Chief Technology Officer
  • Mateus Dias
    Mateus Dias Co-Founder & Head of Platform Development
  • Guilherme Pagotto
    Guilherme Pagotto Co-Founder & Head of Finance and Legal
  • Tiago Marques
    Tiago Marques Co-Founder & Head of Apps Development

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