This tutorial explains how to install and set up the app Trust Wallet, so that you get the Letsfair tokens (LTF).

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is an Ethereum wallet in the form of a secure mobile app, which supports ERC20 tokens. It provides a completely safe audited system to send, receive, and store digital assets. With Trust Wallet, you have total control on your private keys that are only stored in your device.

What are ERC20 tokens?

ERC20 tokens are projected and used only in the Ethereum platform. They follow a list of standards so that they can be shared, exchanged for other tokens, or transferred to a crypto wallet. The Letsfair tokens (LTF) follow this standard.

How to install the Trust Wallet?

The examples shown here are for Android, and the images will slightly vary when compared to the iOS version (iPhone).

Step 1

From your smartphone, download and install the Trust Wallet app:

Step 2

Open the app and start creating your wallet. Press the button “Create Wallet.”

Step 3

This is a very important step: backup your wallet!

Copy the words in a safe place; they make up the key for you to restore your wallet in another device. Do not let anyone see them. If another person has access to these words, your funds can be stolen.

Step 4

Organize the words in the right sequence. It is a validation to assure that you copied them somewhere else.

Step 5

Done, you created your wallet!

Step 6

This is the list of assets stored in your wallet. For now, only ETH are shown.

To add new tokens in your list, press the + (plus) symbol.

Step 7

To add the Letsfair token (LTF), press the + (plus) symbol again:

Step 8

Fill the form with the Letsfair token (LTF) data:

Letsfair token (LTF) data:

Contract Address: 0x411A81C8Cd604941be13dBBD33B54e6f25d84683

(To make it easier, scan the QR code below, with the contract address)

Name: Letsfair
Symbol: LTF
Decimals: 18

Step 9

The Letsfair token (LTF) was added to your list of tokens. Keep it enabled and return to your homepage.

Step 10

Done, your wallet your set up to receive the tokens.

Press the symbol of the Letsfair token (LTF) to go to the transactions page.

Step 11

To receive Letsfair tokens (LTF), press the button “Receive.”

Step 12

This is the address of your Ethereum wallet. Give this code to the person who will transfer the Letsfair tokens (LTF) to you.

Additional information

Safely store your wallet recovery words. Once you have received the tokens, Letsfair will not be liable for the loss of tokens. Once they are received, they will be under your responsibility and there is no possibility of reverting any transaction.

To transfer the tokens to another wallet, from your Trust Wallet, it will be necessary to transfer a few cents of ETH to it, because it is necessary to pay for the network cost (gas) to perform the withdrawal transaction.